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Updates on my 1932 datsun build are HERE

1932 Datsun Build

The Concept

I'm building locost-based tube frame and a body for it from scrap metal that will resemble a 1932 datsun phaeton.
These tubes.... ...and this station wagon will make a life sized version of this

I building a replica of the 1932 Datsun Phaeton, a car I've only seen from my hotwheels-sized dicast model and some photos I've collected from the internet. The frame is mostly made of one inch square steel tubing (locost-style), while the drivetrain and rear suspension have been taken from a 1982 datsun 910 (maxima) station wagon. The station wagon's engine bay is 42 inches long....more than half the wheelbase of the original car. Clearly, a bigger engine and a bigger driver (me) will demand a bigger car. That means the locost replica will be proportionally similar, but the diminsions will be different.

Original Datsun Type 12
Locost replica of Type 12
Overall length
2,710mm (106.69 inches)
Overall width
1,175mm (46.26 inches)
1,918mm (75.51 inches)


965 mm (37.99 inches)
Watercooled, 4-cylinder, sidevalve
748 cc and 12 HP
watercooled, 6-cylinder, SOHC
2.4 liter L24(e): 120 HP
Nissan Heritage

This picture of a Type 12 Phaeton has been labled to show some of datsun-specific details I may try to use in my replica of this car

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